Brand Identity for Counter Nuclear Smuggling Workshop

Rebrand for the third event of its kind—the 2018 Counter Nuclear Smuggling (CNS) Workshop brought together over 70 experts from 22 countries and several international and national organizations. The workshop is an integral part of EU and US efforts to keep nuclear materials off the black market and bring nuclear smugglers to justice by strengthening the ability of the international community to counter nuclear smuggling.

The idea behind the concept of this design was to use a cityscape and icons that represent all of the ways that nuclear smuggling can happen. The participants can visualize and examine distinct aspects of nuclear smuggling.

As part of an interactive exercise, participants reviewed a fictional scenario to identify potential challenges and solutions in investigating nuclear smuggling.

The four main themes/solutions to the conference were broken up into different workshops. I created icons that were used in all marketing materials, posters for way-finding, booklets received at the event, website, and the reports written after the event.

I was very impressed by the creativity of Ms. Monica Escobar as seen in the great workshop handbook. Her assistance in developing the workshop materials and designing the logo and graphics was outstanding.

—Renee P. Sonderman

Director, Office of Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism