Brand Identity for Counter Nuclear Smuggling Workshop

The Counter Nuclear Smuggling (CNS) Workshop brought together over 70 experts to strengthen international efforts against nuclear trafficking. Tasked with visually communicating the workshop’s mission, I led a strategic rebrand. A dynamic cityscape served as the design’s foundation, while integrated icons representing diverse smuggling methods facilitated participant understanding and discussion. This intuitive visual language permeated all touchpoints, including marketing materials, wayfinding posters, participant booklets, the official website, and post-event reports. The clear and cohesive system fostered deeper engagement during interactive exercises like the scenario-based investigation and ensured smooth information access and navigation. The sophisticated cityscape design also elevated the workshop’s theme, resonating powerfully with participants and stakeholders.

I was very impressed by the creativity of Ms. Monica Escobar as seen in the great workshop handbook. Her assistance in developing the workshop materials and designing the logo and graphics was outstanding.

—Renee P. Sonderman

Director, Office of Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism