CRDF Global Brand

CRDF Global is a leading provider of flexible logistical support, program design and management, and strategic capacity-building programs in the areas of Agriculture and Food Security, CBRNE security and Nonproliferation, Border security, Cybersecurity, Global Health, Technology and Innovation, Higher Education, and International Exchanges.

Working with the CRDF Global marketing and communications team to find the organization’s brand personality and positioning, we found the brand needed to reflect the trustworthy and dependable reputation of the organization as well as the forward thinking that lies within science and tech innovation. In choosing a unique brand color, we were inspired by the story of chemist, William Perkin, who after numerous experiments and trials inadvertently created the first cheap, synthetic purple dye.

Spearheaded the company’s visual brand refresh, ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints. I meticulously maintained brand identity guidelines in color theory and typography, while managing creative resources and updating materials, templates, digital assets, and user experience design. This holistic approach optimized team efficiency and fostered a cohesive brand experience.

CRDF Global_Logo-port