InnovatorsBox needed a comprehensive visual identity brand for a community fostering creative confidence and insights for professionals and educators, offering workshops and educational services to the public and corporations

I crafted a robust brand identity system, encompassing impactful logos, cohesive visual guidelines, and diverse collateral for InnovatorsBox and its sub-brands. I meticulously designed visual identities for card decks and the product packaging for SPARK, SPARK 2, Infinity Squared, Infinity, and ReImagine. The deck of cards contains thoughtful questions curated by InnovatorsBox encouraging participants to challenge assumptions, defer judgment, and have an open mind.

My role extended in designing diverse marketing materials, publication designs, and web assets, ensuring clear communication and audience resonance. My consistent contributions elevated the brand’s aesthetic and strengthened its overall presence.

I’ve worked with Monica Escobar Beasley since 2014 and have deeply appreciated her thoughtfulness in design work, branding, and project management. Finding a graphic designer who understands the bigger vision you hope to manifest with your brand work is difficult. Monica Escobar understood me and delivered the work and on time. I respected how much she understood the nonprofit, government world as well as my startup and business world. She helped create my logos, brand guidelines, impact report, new brand identities, new illustrations and much more that helps my brand and company identity stand out visually. I love working with passionate people who care about people and their crafts and Monica E is that person you are looking for!

—Monica H. Kang

Founder & CEO, InnovatorsBox®