Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
In Plane View/Abstractions of Flight Exhibit

“In Plane View” presented a collection of 56 large-format photographs by Carolyn Russo, highlighting the aesthetic allure of select aircraft from the National Air and Space Museum’s renowned collection. My role involved designing captivating layouts and typography, ensuring a seamless visual experience for visitors. Additionally, I managed the print production process for various exhibition materials, including brochures, display banners, and marketing booklets aimed at promoting museum shows and enhancing audience engagement.

Exhibition brochure

The brochure captures Russo’s Smithsonian exhibit, displaying her intense way of looking at airplane design–transforming technology into art.

InPlaneViewBrochure spreads
Exhibit Banner for In Plane View/Abstractions of Flight

Display Banner for In Plane View, an exhibition by Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum photographer Carolyn Russo. The exhibit banner portrays how Russo’s photography captures the beauty of aircraft design.

In Plane View banner

Photo credit: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum